Criteria for participation for AMSB exchange programs

Rules for participation and ranking

  1. Every student applying for exchange must be a medical student and a member of AMSB.
  2. Students who didn’t sent GPA (previous 2 semesters) and a document that certifies that the student knows English language will not be included in any ranking.
  3. If the summit of the grades from the previous two semesters is lower than 4,00, the students will not be included in first ranking.
  4. The application form and all other needed documents must be sent to before the deadline previously announced otherwise the student’s documents will not be reviewed.
  5. Students who have already been on exchange the previous exchange season must apply their IFMSA certificate.

N.B. If the student have been on an exchange the previous year and don’t apply the certificate or didn’t fill in their evaluation form in IFMSA.ORG database, they will be cut off 100 points FOR EACH

  1. Participation in campaigns organized by AMSB is going to be confirmed based on the reports made every three months from the national officers of the organizing standing committee, updated and sent not later than the previously announced deadlines otherwise points will not be given to the participants. Reports of the national officers will be accepted only in EXCEL files, including the name of the campaign, the campaign’s duration and type, the name of the organizator/s (not more than two) and the names of all the participants. In case that the document does not match the abovementioned criteria no points will be awarded.
  2. The format explained above is the one and only basis that will be used to award points from campaigns. Local officers’ reports, pictures or any other evidence will not be taken into account and therefore will not be accepted.
  3. Students starting their internship year have the right to participate in the ranking during the year that their internship starts. The accepting country has the right to reject the exchange to this student.
  4. Students that have finished their first semester can only apply for research exchange and the ones that have finished third semester can apply for both professional and research exchange.
  5. The ranking is made by the team of the exchange committees, according to the “Internal regulation of the committees of research and professional exchange”.
  6. Candidates are not allowed to travel for exchange to the same country two years in a row if the contract made with this country are less than 4. If there isn’t anyone applying for this country, the abovementioned is no longer valid, and the candidate can go, both for unilateral or bilateral exchange. All candidates can only go on one exchange per exchange season.
  7. If two students have chosen in the application form that they want to go on an exchange in the same country, they are ranked in the first country from their preferences, that has two spots available and both of them have points for.
  8. All candidates that have already been a contact person (CP) during the previous year to at least one incoming are prioritized in the first ranking above the ones that haven’t been. All other candidates participate in the ranking after all the CPs. In other words all the places are divided amongst the CPs and whatever is left – to the other candidates.
  9. The professional and research exchange committees organize three national rankings and after that all of the left places are given to the first students who declared they want it, after promotion made by the local officers.
  10. Candidate who declined their place after the end of third ranking lose their chance to go to another exchange during the same exchange season.

N.B. Candidate, who declined their exchange after receiving CA from the hosting country (interruption of the contract by the student’s fault), or committed action that embarrasses the name of AMSB will lose their right to participate for exchange in the next exchange season. All arguments concerning this will be discussed by the directory.

N.B. Candidates are not allowed to change their places between one another, no matter from which local committee they are. In such cases the candidates lose their right to participate in an exchange during this and the following exchange season.

Mandatory documents needed for application

  1. GPA from the university
  2. Certificate (document, diploma) confirming that you know the official IFMSA language (English) and a copy of the diploma from your high school – you should mention the workload.

N.B. If you apply with a certificate different from the approved from the Common European framework of language level above B2 and without mentioning the workload, you will be allowed to participate in the ranking, but you will not be awarded points for language.

  1. Scanned copy of international certificate for completed research or professional IFMSA exchange (for those who have been on an exchange already).
  2. Document confirming that you are a member of the local committee member of AMSB.

N.B. If a participant didn’t send all of the abovementioned documents, the student loses their right to participate in the rankings.


  1. Candidates that have not yet been on an IFMSA exchange are awarded 30 points.
  2. GPA for the previous two semesters

  Points are given according to the following formula      GPA*16 + 4 = MAX 100

  1. 3. Language:

NB! Points for language are not given without an official document, in which workload or level of the studied language are clearly stated. The maximum number of languages that award points is 3. If the participant exceeds that maximum the three languages that award most points are taken into account.

3.1. Points are given in one of the following ways:

3.1.1. If the candidate proves at least B2 level in English(according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages – CAE, CPE, C1, C2, TELC, SAT, FCE, TOEFL, Essen, ESRE etc.) – 100 points; for B1 level – 55 points. If the candidate presents a certificate (recognized by the Common European Framework of References for Languages) for the official language of the country in which he/she is applying for, for level B2 or a higher level – 150 points, B1 – 85 points. If a the document only with workload is presented, his/her points are calculated according to 3.1.2. Any other language is considered as a second language. When a certificate for the official language of the country is presented, English is considered a second language.

NOTE! The documents must be in English or Bulgarian language, except for certificates(in that case a short translation is required) .

3.1.2. If the candidate has attended additional courses and has a document for the workload or if in his/her high school diploma the workload is stated, his/her points in the respective language are calculated according to the formula: (number of hours) X 0.05 (80 points maximum). For a language that is official in the country, for which the candidate is applying – (number of hours) X 1.5 (max. 120 points).

 3.2. For each additional language – points are calculated in the following way: (number of hours) x 0.03 (maximum 30 points). If the candidate has a level B2 or a higher level and presents an internationally recognized document, 30 points are given; for level B1 – 20 points.

 3.3. For mother tongue points are not given. An exception are students who submit a document for finished secondary or higher education in an English-speaking country or a country in which the official language is the same for the country that the students applies for. In that cases 100(150) points are awarded.

4.Scientific activity(Scientific activity over the past two years (1/11/2015- 10/31/2017) max. 150 points(for research exchange points are multiplied by a factor of 2 – max. 300 points) :

NB! You must send a certificate for  participation and a digital version of the published abstract to prove active participation. An exception of this rule is only when the certificate of participation is not provided to the student before the deadline for submitting the documents. In that case the participation is proven with the badge from the conference.

Points are not given for public lectures.

   – active international participation – 30 points

   – passive international participation- 15 points

    – active national participation – 20 points

    – passive national participation – 10 points

    Article published in a magazine (other than abstracts published in the abstract book of congresses) – 20 points

  1. 5. For holding a position in AMSB during the last mandate 2016/2017:

NB! In cases that a person is holding two or more positions points are awarded as follows: The position which gives most points + half of the points of the second position that gives most points. The person who act as temporary deputy takes maximum points for the position only if this is the only position in the administrative committee that the person is taking.

5.1. President committee of the managing committee of AMSB

President- 100 points

Vice president – president for internal proceedings, vice- president of international activity, PR, secretary- 70 points.

Assistants of president committee- 30 points

Member of controlling committee-20 points

NB! Every member of the president or controlling committee takes points if he participates to at least 75% of the sessions during his mandate.

NB! If the member of the president committee is late with giving his report to the IFMSA he is punished with 100 points. If the member is late with his report to the president committee, he is punished with 50 points. If the member doesn’t fulfill his duty and lowers the reputation of the association he loses all his points which he takes for the position and he loses his right to participate in the first ranking.

5.2. President committee of local committee:

Local president- 70 points

Local vice- president, PR, secretary-50 points

Member of local controlling board – 10 points

5.3. National\Local officers (SCOPE, SCORE, SCOME, SCORA, SCOPH, SCORP):

National officer of professional/research exchange(in/out) – 70 points

Assistant NEO/ NORE- 30 points

Local officer of professional/ research exchange- 50 points

Assistant LEO/LORE – 20 points

Natıonal officer SCOME, SCORA, SCOPH, SCORP – 50 points

Assistant of the national officer – 30 points

Local officer of SCOME, SCORA, SCOPH, SCORP – 30 points

Assistant of the local officer – 10 points

  1. 6. Contribution to AMSB:

6.1. Contribution to the committee of research and professional exchange. The local officers fulfill their duty if they organized: Pre-Departure Trainings – PDTs (Pre-Exchange Training – PET & Training 4 Professional Exchanges – T4PE), Upon Arrival Training, Contact Person- training.

NB! Every of these events is certified by sending a report to the national officer of the committee until two weeks after the holding of the event.

For organizer of PDTs, UAT, CP-training – 15 points

For participant PDTs, UAT, CP—10 points

For organizer of information campaign – 10 points

For participant in information campaign  – 5 points

Preparation of information materials – videos, leaflets, posters – 15 points

Counting points on local level – 20 points

Participating in the ranking on national level – 30 points

6.1.2 Promotion – sending photo or video material for the last exchange season – 10 points

6.1.3.- For holding the position of CP during the last exchange season:

Note! The people who were CP in the last season take are prioritized in the first ranking. All of the other candidates rank after them.

–           One CP is responsible for up to two students- 50 points. for each person (maximum 100 points)

–           Coordinator of the national social program (maximum two per Local committee) – 20 points

–           Coordinator of the local social program outside of the city – 10 points

NB! Standards for the act of CP. If the member doesn’t fulfill at least 6 out of 8 activities, he doesn’t take points for the CP position and loses his right to participate with advantage in the first ranking. The list of the CP has to be send two weeks before the first ranking and it has to be signed by the president and the LORE and LEO of the local committee

  1. Gets in touch with the incoming student on time and maintaining the contact until the beginning of his/her exchange.
  2. Meets the international student at the airport, bus station, train station.
  3. Responsibe for the accommodation and check in at the dorm and registration in the police if it is necessary.
  4. Takes the incoming to the hospital, introduces him to the department and the mentor.
  5. Introduces him to the town.
  6. Participates in the social program.
  7. Maintains active communication with the incoming and providing help if it is necessary.
  8. Looks after for the filling of the evaluation form of the international student.

NB! Any participant that accepted an incoming as a Hosting family receives the maximum amount of points for a CP(100 points) no matter for how many people he was responsible

6.2 Contribution to the committees of AMSB -SCOME, SCORP, SCORA, SCOPH

During the last year 01. November 2016 – 31 October 2017(max 200p.)

A/National campaigns/project:s

-organizer(1day) 25 points

-organizer(2 days) 30 points

-organizer(3 days) 40 points

-participant (1 shift) 20 points

-participant(2 shifts) 25 points

-participant (3 or more shifts) 30 points

-preparation of information materials-videos, posters, brochures-25 points

-prior training of the participants-15 points

B/ Local campaigns/projects

-organizer(1day) 15 points

-organizer(2 days) 20 points

-organizer(3 days) 25 points

-participant (1 shift) 10 points

-participant(2 shifts) 15 points

-participant (3 or more shifts) 20 points

-preparation of information materials-videos, posters, brochures 15 points

-prior training of the participants 5 points

B/ Education /for students

  1. Organizing and conducting Soft Skills training-20 points
  2. Participation in Soft skills trainng-10 p.
  3. Part of the OS of Workshop which lasts 3 and more days(Emergency academy, Academy of Surgery, Journal club, Week of medical education, Gesture language, etc. ) – 50 points
  4. Participation in Workshop with duration 3 or more days-30 points
  5. Participation in international workshop/Summer/Winter schools etc.- 50 points

NB! Maximum. 2 organizers per project are accepted

NB! Participants, that are not awarded any points according to point 6 are not allowed to participate in the ranking.

  1. Participation in AMSB meetings /1.11.2016-31.10.2017/

-National meeting of AMSB– 20pts.

-National general assembly- 15pts.

– National Youth Forum – 10pts.

NB! Lists with participants from NGA and LGA must be uploaded in Excel format two weeks after the meetings or they must be sent to the National officers on Exchanges.

  1. Contribution to IFMSA

8.1. Working on international projects or programs

– Leader of a project based on a program that is realized in Bulgaria – 30pts.

– Local coordinators/part of the team – 20pts.

8.2. Positions over last mandate /2015-2016/

– chosen during plenary session of GA – 120pts.

-chosen by other means – 80 pts.

-chosen to take a position during GA, EuRegMe

    = Support person – 60pts.

    = Session’s Team, CCC, etc. – 50pts.

8.3. International events/meetings

8.3.1 Delegates(participants), voted from the Management Board of AMSB over the last year


General assembly – 50pts.

Head of delegation = GA + 10pts.

Regional meeting (e.g. EuRegMe) – 40 pts.

Head of delegation = EuRegMe + 10pts.

SECSE, etc. – 30 pts.

8.3.2 Trainers during international events /1.11.2016 – 31.10.2017/

-GA, EuRegMe, SECSE etc. – 15 pts.

-PRET, TNT, SRT, TNET etc. – 40 pts.

8.3.3. Participating in events with open access (TNT, TNHRT, TMET, PRET, TNET, preGA, preEuRegMe, Balkan SCOPH Weekend etc.) over the last two years /1.11.2015-30.10.2017/ – 40 pts.

8.3.4. For other events with the participation of IFMSA for the last year (1.11.2016-30.10.2017) (AMEE, WHO, etc.) – 50pts.

NB! If an AMSB delegate during an international meeting is also a part of the Session`s team, Support person, CCC, etc., they receive points for the position + half of the points for a delegate. If the delegate is a trainer, they get the points for the position + delegate.

  1. Organizing meetings and congresses (1.11.2016-31.10.2017)

9.1. International Students ‘congress:

– Organizing Committee President – 60pts.

– Part of the OC – 40pts.

– Additional members of the OC – 15pts.

9.2. International event, which is a part of IFMSA (SRT, Balkan SCOPH Weekend, PRET, etc.):

– OC President – 60pts.

– Part of the OC – 40 pts.

– Additional members of the OC – 15 pts.

9.3. National Students’ congresses:

– OC President – 40pts.

– Part of the OC – 30 pts.

– Additional members of the OC – 10 pts.

9.4. AMSB events

9.4.1. National general assembly

– OC President – 30pts.

– Part of the OC – 25 pts.

9.4.2. Local general assembly

– OC President – 25pts.

– Part of the OC – 20 pts.

 NB! If the participants are over 400, the certain Organizing committee receives an additional amount of 10 pts.