Criteria for participation for AMSB exchange programs

Rules for participation and classification.

  1. Every student applying for exchange must be a medical student and a member of AMSB.
  2. Students who didn’t sent a GPA (previous 2 semesters), as well as a document that certifies that the they knows English, will not be included in the classification.
  3. If the summit of the grades from the previous two semesters is lower than 4,00, the students will not be included in the first classification.

    4. Candidates that do not have a minimum of 30 points according to point 6 in the criteria will not be allowed to reach the classification.

  4. The application form and all other needed documents must be sent to before the deadline, decided the national team. Otherwise they will not be reviewed.
  5. Students who have already been on exchange the previous exchange season must apply their IFMSA certificate. If they don’t apply the certificate or didn’t fill their evaluation form in IFMSA.ORG database, they will be cut off 100 points FOR EACH

    7. Students starting their internship year have the right to participate in classification during the year that their internship starts. The accepting country has the right to reject the exchange to this student.

    8. After finished first semester students can apply only for research exchange, after finished third semester they can apply for both professional and research exchange.

    9. The organization of classification is made by the exchange team, according to the „Internal Regulations for Professional and Research Exchange“.

    10. Candidates are not allowed to travel for exchange to the same country two years in a row if the contract made with this country are less than 4. If there isn’t anyone who wants to go to this country, the mentioned is no longer valid, and the candidate can go, both for unilateral or bilateral exchange. All candidates have the right for only one exchange per exchange season.

    11. The candidates are allowed only on exchange per season (March 2020 – March 2021).

    12. Candidates that have been a CP during the previous year will be place in the classification with a priority. All other candidates participate in the classification after all the CPS (it means all the places are spread amongst the CPs and whatever is left-to the other candidates).

    13. Candidate who declined their place after the end of the third classification lose their chance to go on another exchange during the same exchange season.

    14. Candidate, who declined their exchange without apologetic reason after receiving Card of acceptance from the receiving country will lose their right to participate for exchange during the next exchange season. Delicate cases will be discussed by the national board.

    15. Candidates can’t change their places between one another.

    16.  Conditions when two candidates are applying together&
    – they have to select each other in the form
    – they have to choose the same wishes, in the same order in the application form
    – they classify for the first country, that has at least two contracts. The points that are taking into consideration are of the candidate with the lower sum
    – if one of the candidates hasn’t been a CP, both candidate without priority according to point 10
    – if one of the candidates doesn’t followed any of the rules mentioned above, the candidate separately

Mandatory documents needed for application

  1. GPA for the previous two semesters.
  2. Document confirming that you English language – a certificate or a high school diploma with the workload.

N.B. If you apply a document different than the approved from the Common European Framework of References for Language level or a document without mentioning the workload, you will be allowed to participate in the classification, but you will not be given points for language.

  1. Scanned copy of for a completed IFMSA exchange, for those who have been on an exchange already.

4.Document from your Local Committee confirming that you are a member of the association.

N.B. The documents have to be in English or Bulgarian. If not, they need to be translated.

N.B. Without any of the mentioned documents, the student loses their right to participate in the classification for exchange.


1.Candidates who haven’t been on an exchange before receive 30 points.

2. GPA from previous two semesters – points are given from the following formula:

GPA*16 + 4 = (maximum 100)

N.B.  Candidates that have more than 5.50 from the previous two semesters, receive additional 20 points.

  1. 3. Language:

NOTE! Points for language are not given without an official document, in which workload or level of the studied language is pointed out.

3.1. Points are given in one of the following ways:

3.1.1. If the candidate is fluent in English language according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages on a level:
– B2 and above – 100 points
– B1 – 55 points
If the candidates presents a certificated (approved by the Common European Framework of References for Languages) for knowing the official language of the country:
– B2 and above – 150 points
– B1 – 85 points
If the candidate had documents only with a workload, the points are calculated according to 3.1.2 Any other language is considered a second.

N.B. When a certificate in the official language of the country is applied, English is considered a second language.

3.1.2. If the candidate and has a document with a  workload (high school diploma or additional courses) their points in the respective language are calculated as a sum from the collected documents in the following way:

(number of hours) X 0.05 (80 points maximum).

For a language official in the country, for which the candidate is applying for – (number of hours) X 1.5 (max. 120 points).

 3.1.3. For each additional language:
– if they have a certificated approved by the Common European Framework of References of Languages
– B2 and above – 30 points
– B1 – 20 points
– if they have a document with a workload  (high school diploma or certificate from a course), the points are calculated by the formula:

(number of hours X 0.03) – maximum 30 points

3.1.4. For mother tongue points are not given. Exception is for the students who submit a document for a finished secondary or higher education in an English-speaking country or for a country for which they speak the mother tongue (as this language is considered as first). The students are given 100 points (150 for the official language).

4.Scientific activity – it’s for the period  (1/11/2017- 10/31/2018) – maximum 150 points.
N.B. For research exchange points are multiplied by 2 – maximum 300 points.

4.1.  For participating in a congress in the medical field&

   – active international participation – 30 points
– passive international participation- 15 points
– active national participation – 20 points
– passive national participation – 10 points

N.B. To accept a passive participation on a certificate is needed. To accept  an active participation a copy of the abstract is needed as well.

N.B. If the participation has participated in more than one presentation in congress, from the same year, points are given only for one of them.

4.2. Published article in a science magazine – 20 points

  1. 5. For holding a position in ASMB during last mandate (2018/2019):
    – points for a position are given according to the given report from the president from the LC
    – if a person has more than two positions, points are given the following way: position that has the most points + 1/2 from the second positions with the most points
    – if a person is on a temporary position, points are given to it if that is the only position if the person has
    – if a person has more than one temporary positions, points are given to the one with the largest number, if they don’t have a permanent position

    1 Board:

President Vice-president of internal/external affairs, secretary, PR Assistants
National level 100 points 70 points 30 points
Local level 70 points 50 points 20 points

N.B.  If a member from the national board is late with their report to IFMSA – 100 points are taken. If they’re late with the national report – 50 points are taken.

5.2 Control commission:
– on a national level – 20 points
– on a local level – 10 points


National Officer 70 70 50 50 50 50
Assistant of the National Officer 40 40 30 30 30 30
Local Officer 50 50 30 30 30 30
Assistant of the Local Officer 20 20 10 10 10 10

  1. 6. Contribution to the ASMB.

    B. Points for a contribution to AMSB are given according to the 3-month reports of the National Officers.

6.1. Contribution to the committee of research and professional exchange.
– organizing a PDT, UAT, CP training – 20 points
– participating in a PDT, UAT, CP training – 10 points
– organizing in an information campaign – 10 points
– participating in an information campaign – 5 points
– organizing a PED – 25 points
– active participant in a PED – 20 points
– passive participant in a PED – 10 points
– counting points on a local level – 20 points
– preparing the classification (national level) – 30 points

6.1.1. For holding the position CP during last exchanging season:
– one CP is responsible to two students- 50p. for each person (maximum 100p.)
– co-organizer of the National Social Program (maximum 4) – 15p.
– coordinator of the National Social Program (maximum two per Local committee) – 25p
– coordinator of the Local Social Program out of the city – 10p.

N.B. If a person has accepted an incoming as a Host Family, they receive 50 additional points only once, additional to the points that they get for being a CP. The maximum number of points in this situation is 150.

Criteria for the CP position:

1. Get in touch with the incoming on time before beginning of their exchange.
2. Meeting the incoming.
3. Accommodation and check in the dorm and registration at the police, if necessary.
4. Introducing with the hospital, department and mentor.
5. Introducing with the town.
6. Participation in the social program.
7. Communication and help if it is necessary.
8.CP looks after for the filling of the evaluation form of the international student.
9. Sending promotional materials to the local exchange officers.

N.B. Points are given if a minimum of 6 out 9 duties are fulfilled.

6.2 Contribution to AMSB during the last year 01.11.2018 – 31.10.2019   (max 400p.)

A/ Contribution in AMSB to one of the following committees: SCOME, SCORP, SCORA, SCOPH.

Organizer Member Additional preparation
1- day 2-day 3+ days 1-day 2-day
National  campaigns/projects 30 35 45 15 25 10
Local campaigns/projects 20 25 35 10 15 5

N.B. The maximum is 400 points.
N.B. The maximum of organizers per campaign is 2.

B/ Campaign/projects, organized by the President board:
– president of the OC – 40 points
– part of the OC – 30 points
– participant – 20 points

Increasing the capacity:
1. Organizing and hosting a Soft Skills Training, SWGs, Webinar – 20 points.
2. Member of a Soft Skills Training, SWGs, Webinar – 10 points
3. Part of the OC of a long duration project, with a certificate – 40 points
4. Member of a long duration project, with a certificate – 20 points.

N.B.  A long duration project is considered to be more than 5 days.

D/ Preparing the vision and information materials (all committees) – 5 points

  1. Participation in AMSB meetings /1.11.2018-31.10.2019/
    -National meeting of AMSB – 20p
    -National general assembly – 15p
    – National Youth Forum – 10p
    – working meetings for the committees – 15p
  2. Contribution to IFMSA /1.11.2018-31.10.2019/

8.1. Working on international projects or programs:
– Leader of a project based on a program that is realized in Bulgaria – 30p
– Local coordinators/part of the team – 20p

It’s proved with a document by the local president.

8.2. Positions over last mandate on an international level /2018-2019/
– chosen during plenary session of GA – 120pts.
– chosen by other means (temporary position, Program Coordinator, International Team) – 80 pts.
– chosen to take a position during GA, EuRegMe, Support person – 60pts.
– Session’s Team, CCC –  50pts.

8.3. International events/meetings

8.3.1 Delegates(participants), voted from the Board of AMSB over the last year /1.11.2018-31.10.2019/
– General assembly – 50pts
– Head of delegation = GA + 10pts
– Regional meeting (e.g. EuRegMe) – 40 pts
– Head of delegation = EuRegMe + 10pts.

8.3.2 Trainers during international events /1.11.2018 – 31.10.2019/
– GA, EuRegMe, SECSE etc. – 15 pts.
– PRET, TNT, SRT, TNET etc. – 40 pts.

8.3.3. Participating in events with open access (SRT, preGA, preEuRegMe, Balkan SCOPH Weekend, SECSE) over the last two years /1.11.2017-30.10.2019/ – 40 pts.

8.3.4. For other events with the participation of IFMSA for the last year (1.11.2017-30.10.2019) (AMEE, WHO, etc.) – 50pts.

8.3.5 Participation in an international workshop (Summer/Winter School, ect) – 50 points

 N.B. If an AMSB delegate during an international meeting is a part of Session`s team, Support person, CCC, etc. as well, they receive points for the position + half of the points for a delegate.

N.B. If the delegate is a trainer, they get the points for the position + delegate.

  1. Organizing meetings and congresses (1.11.2018-31.10.2019)
President of the OC Part of the OC Additional members of the OC
Intentional Student Congress 60 40 15
National Student Congress 40 30 10
IFMSA event (SRT, Balkan SCOPH Weekend, SCORP Camp, SECSE) 60 40 15

9.4. AMSB events

President of the OC Member of the OC
National Meeting 30 25
National General Assembly 25 20
Working meetings with the committees 25 20

If there are more than 400 participants additional 10 points are added to the OC.

10.  Punishment for violating the communication chain: Outgoing – Local Officer  – National Officer (AMSB) – National Officer (Accepting country) – Local Officer (Accepting Country),  is the following:
10.1 First time – minus 200 points
10.2 Second time – can’t participant in an exchange in the following exchange season

N.B For a violation is considered the communication via email with the following exchange officers.